Professional Law Services can be expensive and daunting to say the least.


However, the intricacies of the rules of law and legislative developments naturally lead to choosing Attorney Pascale EDWIGE as the partner who can mediate and strategize for your best legal defense. 


Attorney Pascale EDWIGE assists individuals and businesses through Counseling and Litigation.



It is forbidden for a lawyer to set contingency fee, meaning an agreement between the lawyer and the client to begin a case that would fix all of its fees solely on the legal outcome of the case. 


However, lawyers are allowed to solicit and obtain supplementary measure success fees, depending on the result of the verification procedures carried out in the interest of the client.


Attorney Pascale EDWIGE is strongly prepared to work on your behalf to defend and represent you, ensuring that all your legal needs are met in all areas on the Law in the French Legal System. 


The Office acquires the fees for a client as soon as the case has been initiated on behalf of the client.  

Pascale EDWIGE Avocat

Email : Pascale@Edwige-Avocat.fr

Tel. :     + 590 (0) 590 26 24 76

Fax :     + 590 (0) 590 60 49 67


Immeuble Kako, Corner Fulton & Nobel Streets

Z.I. de Jarry, 97 122 Baie-Mahault

Guadeloupe, French West Indies








In addition to the fees payable to the Office in exchange of the procedures performed on the case, the client will also be required to pay the costs incurred in the daily management of the case.


Those costs are the expenses related to the client’s file, namely telephone charges, fax, postage, stationery, photocopying. 


In addition, the client will also bear the costs and expenses of the lawyer in case of introduction and monitoring of litigation in the court, which includes the costs of bailiffs, investment expenses, tax stamps and advocacy law. 


In any case, all specific costs and expenses (carrier, translation costs, travel and accommodation costs, etc.) shall be reimbursed by the client, who can request additional supporting documents.


Pascale EDWIGE’s office applies the principle of billing provision: the costs and fees are charged and paid in advance.


If there is a failure to pay the requested amount, Pascale EDWIGE’s office may stop dealing with the matter or withdraw. 


Interests at the legal rate plus five percent are due one month after the date of the invoice, if there is default of payment.


As a matter of principle, fees are calculated according to: 


• The nature and difficulty of the legal issues dealt with,

• The client's situation,

• The amount of the interests and assessment of the potential benefits for the client. 

It can be calculated as a flat fee or based on time spent on the case.


Hourly fee is EURO 250, and the consultation fee is EURO 200.


Amounts shown are exclusive of taxes. Therefore VAT must be added at the prevailing rate. The fees are paid in accordance with the law and regulations, by check, bank transfer or credit card upon receipt of the invoice. 

Pascale EDWIGE, Avocat au Barreau de la Guadeloupe, Tel: + 590 (0) 590 26 24 76, Fax: + 590 (0) 590 60 49 67

Immeuble Kako, Angle des rues Fulton & Nobel, Zone Industrielle de Jarry, 97 122 Baie-Mahault, Guadeloupe, French West Indies

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