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Pascale EDWIGE Attorney

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Native of Guadeloupe, Pascale EDWIGE was initially studying mathematics education with a Bachelor of Science which enabled her to be admitted to the preparatory school of HEC (Haute Ecole Commerciale) at Lycée Montaigne in Bordeaux. 


This choice has been an asset as to her final orientation in private law studies pursued at the University of Montesquieu Bordeaux IV where she earned a Master's degree in Business Law and Taxation.  




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Pragmatic and independent, Pascale EDWIGE has successfully graduated with the Aptitude Certificate of Lawyer Profession from the Bar Training School in Paris. 


Attorney Pascale EDWIGE was sworn in on January 20, 2006 at the Court of Appeal of Basse-Terre in Guadeloupe and set up her Cabinet in the first economic zone of Guadeloupe island in Baie-Mahault.   


Attorney Pascale EDWIGE was involved in the Union of the Young Lawyers in Guadeloupe for three years (2011- 2014) to reinforce the association mission of defending the rights of young lawyers. 


Today, Pascale EDWIGE is eager to strengthen the opening of the Caribbean to transatlantic markets, because the geographic natural position of Guadeloupe island is a precious asset, a bridge and especially an opportunity to gather ideas, providing women and men with a multidisciplinary vision



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" Expertise in LAW, your best ASSET towards  Transatlantic business development "

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