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Because they are the linchpins of the economy, without which any society can prosper ; support of corporate leaders, craftsmen and entrepreneurs is essential..


Attorney Pascale EDWIGE can provide:

  • Drafting contracts (commercial lease contracts of employment, contracts for services, mandate, corporate statutes etc ...)

  • Minutes drafting in support of general or board meetings – for both legal and economic strategy

  • Business difficulties

  • Debt recovery: Housing residences, subpoenas, requests 


Attorney Pascale EDWIGE is at your disposal to be your partner of reference.



For individuals who have been routinely involved with the world of business, certain business situations may seem complex ; but a competent Law Professionnal such as Attorney Edwige, can help you to reduce risks and liabilities. 


Attorney Pascale EDWIGE’s assistance can be:


  • Advice before signing any private nature of conventions

  • Defending your rights in banking, insurance, leasing   


More than an option, business law is an essential pivot to private life as well to business ones. "



From birth to death, contract law involves corporations as well as individual lives: the contract gives rise to obligations to do or not to do, to give or deliver etc .. , Your obligations and hence your responsibilities are divided to infinity of the will of the parties and in compliance with the standards.  You may find that professional copywriter actions are needed.   


For example:


  • You are willing to create a business and you do not know what legal form to choose?

  • You signed a contract, but you still have some doubts about your obligations?

  • You do not understand the terms of an agreement? 

  • You have done some writing and you want to ensure that your writing materials are protected from misuse?


Do not hesitate, Attorney Pascale EDWIGE is looking forward to protect your relationships with the many stakeholders along your professional or personal property.  

Committed to professional secrecy, Attorney Pascale EDWIGE thus stands at your disposal to discuss, prevent and defend these issues, which can disrupt your entrepreneurial serenity.



« Nulum crimen nulla pœna sine lege » : no offense no punishment without law. 


Knowing your risks in criminal matters is a requirement of protection but also professional credibility.  Applied to business law, this becomes an imperative requirement to avoid criminal prosecution on the infringement leader such as misuse of corporate assets, fraud, breach of trust, right of prohibition to manage etc .... 


The leader must answer for breaches of labor law, the regulation of health and safety in companies, breaches of environmental law, breaches of competition law, and more generally to economic legislation, social and tax to which the company is subject. 




Companies must choose the legal environment that best secures their strategies and operations during creation, mergers, divestitures, acquisitions or restructurings. 


For example :

  • Why SAS, a LLC or a SA?

  • As a partner , what is my room for expansion or change of structure?

  • How to safely delegate my operations? 


It is therefore necessary to have a law professional able to understand your needs and to respond clearly in order to define a strategic and personnalized approach. 


Attorney Pascale EDWIGE provides advice on the formalization of relations between partners and leaders and is willing to draw upon any legal action necessary for the realization of your projects.

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